The main types of tools in online marketing

Online marketing offers numerous ways to squeeze the most of your business. But to use them efficiently you need to be aware of the fundamentals – the topic that we’ll focus on today. The article is sponsored by our fellow marketing gurus – HTP Digital, a savvy digital marketing Manchester firm with years of experience under the belt.

Search engine optimization and promotion

SEO gathers every effort aimed at promotion of the site in search engines for the needs of interest to your business. First of all, the optimisation of the site – the adjustment of its structure, HTML-code navigation and content in a way that the resource is the most convenient and informative for visitors, and well indexed by search engines. Actually promotion is to increase the external reference weight and the regular analysis and review of the key queries that the optimization. From the point of view of efficiency of SEO – a reasonable price in financial terms, it gives lasting and stable effect, but also requires a lot of time and effort.

Contextual advertising

A special type of ads that appear with search results (or above) when you type the corresponding keyword and at websites in ad spaces. Contextual advertising can also be used with the involvement of other areas with relatively high attendance. The main point here is that you can really fine-tune the display of your ad on several parameters: the keywords, the region, the time of day and days of the week. Thus, contextual advertising is ideal in case you need to reach a well-defined audience, and for a certain period. Unlike SEO, contextual advertising can be started very quickly, it is precisely controlled (including – the terms of cost), but terminates immediately after shutdown. This activity is recommended to be evenly distributed to fit in the budget range of content production and search promotion.

Banner advertising

located at various sites banners, teasers, informers and so on reveal the information about your offer with thousands of visitors, creating a positive image of the company or brand. However, with clickable banners it is quite possible to bring potential customers to the site, and immediately – on the page with a particular order. This type of advertising is recommended to be started in the period of high demand, or on the occasion of any events, offers, because this is the most expensive form of online advertising.

Direct marketing

This kind includes all kinds of direct contacts, like e-mail newsletters. Inform potential and existing customers about events, new products or services, launching new products and etc. For this purpose, you can use the existing customer base (you may want to use some CRM system or simply keep track of users in some xls file) or those who subscribed to the newsletter when joining your site.


Perhaps, the only method that can be the least expensive (or even cost nothing). It involves placement of articles and releases on news and entertainment sites. You contact the relevant platforms interested in publishing updates on your firm – thus you get the traffic and drive awareness.

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