Free VPN services – can they be trusted?

Privacy has now become quite a buzzword on the Internet. Even the most frequent users of web media become aware of the transmission of some personal data. However, you may not worry, because there are many ways, which you can use to increase the safety of your information.

The best variant for everyone to provide the safety is to use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt all incoming and outgoing data. So what is this Virtual Private Network? First of all, VPN allows you to connect the device to a virtual network, which in turn encrypts the transmitted information by hiding it from the public. A good VPN will keep a record of your browsing history, which means that you are an anonymous user. You may use your virtual private network to get the access to the sites that are not available in your region.

Many of VPN services require some payment, but there is also some free VPN access. So let’s check them out.

The first one is ProXPN. It is a free virtual private network made for the users of the Windows and Mac computers. ProXPN runs only after uploading some small free application, which is required for connection. The service is also suitable for the iPhone and other mobile phones that support VPN.

The next free VPN is GPass. The service is very popular in China where internet censorship is significantly a widespread thing. GPass may be used in Windows only and it requires no registration.

CyberGhost is the next free service and it offers 1 GB of encrypted traffic for the month of the free package. CyberGhost only works with Windows VPN-clients. To use this service, you must register for a free account, which, unfortunately, cannot choose servers. It is only perfect for web surfing, but not for the file sharing.

The next worldwide known free VPN service is AnchorFreeHotspotShield. It provides a VPN realization for Windows, Mac, and iPhone. Hotspot Shield has “unlimited traffic” for those who need it. The service supports itself by displaying advertises on the web browsing, but if you are a user of Firefox, you can use the NoScript extension to disguise this advertising.

ItsHidden is originally created as a guarantee for the “shared files”. ItsHidden gives a good free service, which provides privacy and professional support. Registration is required and after you have registered, you can connect to the service directly from the operating system. The service is suitable for any operating system that supports VPN.

One of the virtual private network services is SecurityKiss. The free package allows you 300 MB of data transferred per day with surprisingly high speed. It is important to say that this service is only suitable for Windows. Despite the nonsignificant bandwidth that SecurityKiss offers, it is enough to unlock such web services as Skype and YouTube.

The last one is BestFreeVPNService. It is only for the use with some operating systems, mobile or VPN-applications. BestFreeVPNService changes passwords every 12-24 hours to help preserve the security for the users. This service is not as fast as others are; it offers only 512Kbit/s.

Surely, the free services give a good opportunity for the users. However, if you have some problems with the services listed above, it would better for you to change it and try another. If you are really concerned about the security, then you probably need to use a paid VPN service, and for choosing the best one it would be right to gain insight on this question, compare features of different providers and own opportunities – such information can be found on the trusted websites e.g. you can read reviews and helping tips on VPN services on the AntaNET website to understand what VPN can fit your needs.


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Waterproof Paints: The Types & The Benefits

Plasterboard can be used in internally: in basements, attics or kitchens, as well as externally: in exterior walls, roofs, facades and etc. There’s a decent selection of options to choose from: latex, acrylic and even cement, each of them has its own degree of water protection, while the most innovative eco-friendly solutions, like Britannia’s exterior wall coatings even protect ensure absolute safety for residents. Using paints for finishing and repair work requires surface preparation prior to painting, aiming at masking defects of existing practically impossible. In any case, the coating wall paint is one of the most cost-effective finishing techniques.

One of the most popular options for the internal walls painting is latex-based, water-resistant paint. It leaves no odor, protects the surface from moisture, has a high vapor permeability, forms a strong flexible coating, tinting easily and dries quickly. The coating, which can be obtained using this dye can be matte, glossy and satin-matt.

Moisture-proof paint can be applied on concrete, plaster, wood, wallpaper and other surfaces, it hides cracks up to 1 mm well and provides dirt-resistant qualities. You may also want to consider antibacterial protection paints – the materials are gaining momentum in the recent years. Waterproof latex coating is resistant to abrasion and can withstand even brushing with a soft bristle brush. (more…)

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